Why Shop With Us?

Broadway Liquor Store in Shawnee, OK, opened its doors in 1959, offering the local community a selection of alcoholic beverages. Our family-owned and operated business has passed through three generations and undergone numerous changes over the years.

Five years ago, we opened the Broadway Market to better serve our customers. According to Oklahoma law, a liquor store is not permitted to sell mixers, ice, cups, and the other supplies needed to go along with alcohol purchases. So, to make the shopping experience more convenient, we opened our market to sell these complementary items.

Our Broadway Art Gallery was created to satisfy our passion for the arts and to give local artists an opportunity to not only display their work, but to learn from each other and hopefully pass along their creative talents to the general public. In addition to offering art for sale, we provide classes in oil painting, pastels, and watercolors. All are welcome, from beginners to seasoned artists. Broadway Arts is a co-op with 11 members and a monthly guest artist. Learn more about us on our Facebook page.

Contact us today at 405-273-0397 for more information about our various businesses